Inaugural Impromptu Prior Lake Swim Contest

Long-time lake-goer, Wayne K-M, decided to start an impromptu swim contest last week. The course consisted of a 2-way swim from the far side of the dock to a buoy on the opposite side of the lake.

The swim is intended as a challenge to everyone to see how fast they can run the course, only competing against themselves. Subsequent swims are an opportunity to improve on one’s best time. For those who are competitive, the opportunity exists to earn bragging rights as “fastest on the dock.”

Here are the much anticipated (unofficial) results from those who have participated in the swim so far:

Anouk 3:58
Bill 4:16
Craig 4:41
Chris 3:37
Danny 7:47
David 3:37
Duncan 3:53
Graham 4:35
Hanna 5:20
John G. 3:30
John W. 6:38
Kam 3:40
Lupa 4:00
Murray 7:54
Nancy 4:38
Orion 6:41
Patrick 4:10
Robert 4:40
Wayne 6:47
William 4:14
Zev 3:50