Prior Lake Panty Show

This is the first in a series of poems that we will publish, written by Vincent. This poem is called “Prior Lake Panty Show” and was written for The Bare Facts Prior Lake Newsletter in 2000. We hope you enjoy it.

Panties come & panties go;
Here on the dock all on show,
Here on the dock where the nudies lie;
Some come with panties of plain old white,
Square cut leg, elastic tight;
But most seem to wear more attractive things
Showing for all the spirit’s wings;
Purple, high cut, with embroidery,
A touch, a tingle of coquetry,
Bright red satin in the noonday sun
Attracting glances from everyone;
Rich jade green like tropical seas,
Men buzzing round like tropical bees;
Or basic thong, not much there
To go by the name of underwear.
So the panties come & get put away
Until the end of the nudie day.
Then with the evening softening light
The panties come again in sight
And statements made of the rich I am
Hide with the rays of the setting sun.