In Memoriam: Harvard

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing away of Harvard. When CRD Parks took over Thetis Lake Park from the City of Victoria in 1993, they immediately removed the dock at Prior Lake. Harvard was instrumental in not only having a new dock rebuilt primarily for naturist use, he worked with CRD Parks to ensure that our new dock is bigger and better. He also formed the PLNPC to ensure that we have an ongoing voice in matters relating to naturism at Prior Lake. Almost certainly, if it hadn’t been for Harvard taking the initiative and collaborating with CRD Parks, there would not have been a dock for naturists to enjoy at Prior Lake for the past 20 years and into the foreseeable future. Harvard championed for naturism and worked diligently to build a cohesive naturist community at the lake, including organizing annual BBQs. While he has not been a frequent visitor to the dock in recent years, we will miss his presence, and will always remember and greatly appreciate the important legacy that he left to all of us.

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