Me and My Old Car

This is the third in a series of poems that we will publish, written by Vincent. This poem is called “Me and My Old Car” and was written in the Summer of 2001. We hope you enjoy it.

17 years we have been companions,
Grown old together,
Measured our span of tomorrows still to come,
Faded together,
Creaked in our joints together,
Each becoming an anachronism,
A product out of tune with the time.
You too big for the new day,
Me too lost in the old day for the new,
Each of us needing more frequent repairs,
Each wondering if this year will be our last,
And so we grow old together,
Unchanging companions in a changing world.

3 thoughts on “Me and My Old Car”

  1. Ah Vince! Our Man of the Lake! You are an icon representing all the grace and beauty of this ever so special place over time. You are The Lake to me! Love you!

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