Requests to Lake-Goers by CRD Parks

Hello fellow naturists

We continue to liaise with CRD Parks on a number of current happenings. In addition, they have asked us to comply with the following:

  1. A letter to us from CRD Parks states: “please ask your members to remove all of the rolls of carpets and chairs at the end of their visit.” Carpeting, in addition to being unhygienic, contains toxic chemicals that could leach into the lake, and are not appropriate to bring into the park. Please note that any household effects left overnight in the vicinity of the lake will be subject to removal by CRD Parks.
  2. CRD Parks is concerned with damage to the environment caused by the use of areas that have been clearly signed as “Area Closed to Restore Vegetation” in the vicinity of Prior Lake. Please respect and abide by CRD Parks’ request “to only use the authorized trail that leads down to the lake from the parking lot.” All other areas of the park near Prior Lake, in particular the rock bluff immediately behind the dock, are closed to the public, as they are environmentally sensitive and easily damaged by human activity. Many of these trespassers are not from our group, but in support of naturist values, we should be expected to do our part to maintain the integrity of the park’s ecosystem.

Compliance with requests that CRD Parks makes from time to time is important in maintaining a mutually respectful and cooperative relationship with CRD Parks. We are guests of the park, and just as people do in any other public environment, we need to be mindful of conducting ourselves in ways that ensure our continued presence is welcomed in this unique and special naturist enclave.

We encourage everyone to spread the word about these requests to other lake-goers, as not everyone has signed up for our PLNPC posts.

Thank you,
William and Danny
PLNPC Representatives