Maintaining Healthy Water at Prior Lake

Now that swimming season is in full swing, we suggest that lake-goers be mindful that human activities can have an impact on the water quality of our small lake. There have already been reports of blue-green algae appearing in the lake — which is earlier than it appeared last year. It would be helpful if everyone does their part to minimize the likelihood of another full-blown blue-green algae bloom from occurring this year.

University research has shown that urinating in a lake by humans is known to change the lake chemistry and contribute to toxic algae blooms. Urine can also be harmful to fish and other wildlife, particularly when unmetabolized pharmaceuticals are excreted into the water. When nature calls, it is worthwhile to take the small added time and effort to cover up and use the portable toilet up the path.

Additionally, “A growing sheaf of studies shows that the tiniest components that are added to sunscreen to block harmful ultraviolet rays — nanoparticles of titanium dioxide, copper oxide, zinc oxide and cerium oxide, so tiny it takes 100,000 of them to make up the width of human hair — pose grave risks to small aquatic organisms.” (Source)

In keeping with the naturist philosophy of “going natural”, please consider that the products we put on our bodies are released into the lake water when swimming, and can therefore potentially impact water quality and the lake ecosystem. Even “natural” oils introduce substances that are unnatural to lake environments, and leave a film on the lake surface that can reduce the ability of the lake to breathe and function naturally.

We understand the importance of using skincare products that offer protection from the harmful rays of the sun, and are simply suggesting to use a little forethought in the amount, type and way it is used. Making well-informed decisions can help to maintain the natural healthy balance of the lake water, and also ensure naturism continues at Prior Lake for ourselves and future generations.

William and Danny
PLNPC Representatives