2020 Swim Challenge and Dive Competition Poster by Dani F.

Prior Lake Swim Challenge & Dive Competition 2020

Back in 2011, we had our first-ever swim contest at Prior Lake. It was an impromptu event that hadn’t happened again until this year when Dani F. organized a swim challenge and dive competition that took place on September 7, 2020.

Swim Challenge Results

  1. Dani F. 2:23
  2. Brian (D2) 2:27
  3. Dark Horse Doug 2:50 *
  4. Mark 2:55
  5. Zev 3:10
  6. Big Wave Dave 3:21
  7. Graham 3:25
  8. Sherie & Mike 4:20

* Kyle was technically 3rd by his time of 2:40. Given that he raced pre-emptively, it was decided that the award for 3rd place would go to Dark Horse Doug who was the next fastest time and in attendance on race day.

Dive Competition Winners

Cannonball: Muscle Mike
Presentation & Form: Double Double Brian
Longest Dive: Mark (We know who you are.🙂)

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