Urgent: Concerns Requiring Your Immediate Attention

CRD Parks management has recently contacted us and raised two important and potentially serious concerns that need to be addressed.

First, we were very surprised and disturbed to learn that parks staff have been threatened at the lake to the point that some no longer feel safe in providing services to Prior Lake. We find it difficult to imagine that anyone from our group would behave in such a way. If you know of any recent incidents, please contact us using our PLNPC email address and provide us with the details. Obviously, we need to deal with this matter and do what we can to ensure this unacceptable behaviour does not happen again.

Additionally, whenever you have a lake-related comment, suggestion or issue, please email these to your representatives William and Danny, rather than contacting CRD Parks directly. This is the professional way of dealing with things, and often the point has already been discussed and dealt with. CRD Parks has a huge park system and does not have the staff resources to deal with a myriad of requests from individuals.

Second, park management believes that new sand has been added to the small beach at the lake, and cited sections of provincial and regional legislation that prohibit this. We believe that only dredging from the lakebed has occurred, and we have asked for direction on whether this is allowed. If you are aware of anyone bringing sand to the lake, we need to know about it, as testing has determined that this is harmful to the lake ecosystem.

We would also like to point out that several individual lake-goers have recently taken upon themselves to make “improvements” to the lake without the permission of CRD Parks. Please respect that ALL maintenance and improvements must be approved by park management and completed by the unionized staff of CRD Parks. Again, if you have any suggested changes, please send an email to the PLNPC rather than dealing with it yourself without permission or asking CRD Parks directly.

We have included a new section for our website on “PLNPC and naturist roles” that we strongly encourage everyone to read. It includes additional background on what is provided here.

Obviously, either one of the issues raised to us by CRD Parks management has the potential to put our continued enjoyment of Prior Lake for naturist use in jeopardy. So, we hope that everyone will do what they can to spread the word out to other lake-goers of the concerns that have been brought forward. We thank you for your cooperation and assistance, and will keep you posted on any new happenings.

Best wishes, William and Danny

New CRD Clean Air Bylaw in Effect at Prior Lake

Lake-goers should be aware of a new CRD bylaw that recently took effect. We have therefore amended our Courtesy and Conduct Guidelines, as follows:

Smoking. As of April 1, 2015, Capital Regional District Clean Air Bylaw No. 1, 2014 [Section 2(1)(a)] bans all forms of smoking in parks, apart from within a private vehicle. Section 6(1) provides for fines of up to $2,000 for each contravention of this bylaw. Please abide by this health regulation out of respect for the health impacts on others from exposure to second hand tobacco smoke. Additionally, cigarette butts are not biodegradable, and are environmental toxins known to harm fish and other wildlife. They can also be a fire hazard.

In Memoriam: Daryl

We are saddened to announce that Daryl W, a long time Prior Lake regular, has passed away. In recent years, Daryl had moved to Vancouver with his wife Barb. A Celebration of Life for Daryl’s family and friends will be held on Saturday, November 1 between 4:00 & 7:00 pm at the James Bay Community Centre, 140 Oswego Street.

In Memoriam: Harvard

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing away of Harvard. When CRD Parks took over Thetis Lake Park from the City of Victoria in 1993, they immediately removed the dock at Prior Lake. Harvard was instrumental in not only having a new dock rebuilt primarily for naturist use, he worked with CRD Parks to ensure that our new dock is bigger and better. He also formed the PLNPC to ensure that we have an ongoing voice in matters relating to naturism at Prior Lake. Almost certainly, if it hadn’t been for Harvard taking the initiative and collaborating with CRD Parks, there would not have been a dock for naturists to enjoy at Prior Lake for the past 20 years and into the foreseeable future. Harvard championed for naturism and worked diligently to build a cohesive naturist community at the lake, including organizing annual BBQs. While he has not been a frequent visitor to the dock in recent years, we will miss his presence, and will always remember and greatly appreciate the important legacy that he left to all of us.

Inaugural Impromptu Prior Lake Swim Contest

Long-time lake-goer, Wayne K-M, decided to start an impromptu swim contest last week. The course consisted of a 2-way swim from the far side of the dock to a buoy on the opposite side of the lake.

The swim is intended as a challenge to everyone to see how fast they can run the course, only competing against themselves. Subsequent swims are an opportunity to improve on one’s best time. For those who are competitive, the opportunity exists to earn bragging rights as “fastest on the dock.”

Here are the much anticipated (unofficial) results from those who have participated in the swim so far:

Anouk 3:58
Bill 4:16
Craig 4:41
Chris 3:37
Danny 7:47
David 3:37
Duncan 3:53
Graham 4:35
Hanna 5:20
John G. 3:30
John W. 6:38
Kam 3:40
Lupa 4:00
Murray 7:54
Nancy 4:38
Orion 6:41
Patrick 4:10
Robert 4:40
Wayne 6:47
William 4:14
Zev 3:50