Prior Lake 2009

Courtesy and Conduct Guidelines

No radios or loud conversations. With such close proximity to our adjacent neighbors on the dock and beach, it is common sense to keep loud noises to a minimum. As in other public places, please try to avoid disrupting others with your conversations. Naturists enjoy peace and quiet.

Litter. Taking personal responsibility for cleaning up your own litter is appreciated. A “pack-in, pack-out” policy is encouraged at Prior Lake, as it is in an environmentally sensitive area. Naturists are purists when it comes to having a pristine recreational environment.

No dogs or other pets (any size or type) on the dock or beach area. This guideline is consistent with the CRD Parks bylaw that prohibits dogs on its beaches between June and September. Your co-operation improves the cleanliness of the sand and water, and makes for a more relaxing environment for human lake users. With such a small space to share, there is no room for pets. Dogs in particular have been troublesome and have led to disagreements, so please leave them at home.

No voyeurs or unauthorized photography. Naturists are here to socialize, swim and sunbathe, not to sightsee. In particular, onlookers from the hillside are strictly prohibited. Please have courtesy and respect for fellow naturists; we are not exhibitionists. If you would like to take a photo of people, you must get the permission of everyone beforehand, just as you would elsewhere, regardless of their distance from the camera.

No inappropriate behavior. If you see something happen that you feel is inappropriate, use your best judgment and discuss your concerns rationally with the person(s). Do not hesitate in asking for, or in providing assistance if required. Lewd or indecent behaviour will not be tolerated, as this is a family-oriented atmosphere.

No alcoholic beverages or drugs. Please respect that this is a family atmosphere, and also that some individuals are allergic to smoke. CRD Parks and the police have asked us to help enforce government regulations through self-policing.

Smoking. As of April 1, 2015, Capital Regional District Clean Air Bylaw No. 1, 2014 [Section 2(1)(a)] bans all forms of smoking in parks, apart from within a private vehicle. Section 6(1) provides for fines of up to $2,000 for each contravention of this bylaw. Please abide by this health regulation out of respect for the health impacts on others from exposure to second hand tobacco smoke. Additionally, cigarette butts are not biodegradable, and are environmental toxins known to harm fish and other wildlife. They can also be a fire hazard.

Wear clothing when beyond the dock or immediate beach area. It is common sense to stay within sight of the dock when unclothed. Be wise, play it safe and do not go into the woods alone or with someone you are not familiar with, especially when unclothed. This includes wearing clothes when going up the trail to use the portable toilet.

Maintain the surrounding ecosystem. This area of Thetis Lake Park has been designated a nature sanctuary, which requires higher standards for conservation than a typical park. Please do not put our naturist use of the Prior Lake dock and immediate beach area in jeopardy, as we have a mutual understanding with CRD Parks that we will not make any changes to the natural environment.