Prior Lake (photo taken May 2012)

PLNPC and its Philosophy

The Prior Lake Naturist Preservation Committee (PLNPC) is not an official, registered ‘charity’, which would require the formality of annual meetings, the filing of minutes, etc. We are simply a group of organized ‘lake users’ with a common interest, so please understand that tax-deductible receipts for donations cannot be provided. However, we are fully accountable for funds received, and can provide the assurance that agreement and signatures from both independent group representatives are required for any withdrawals from the PLNPC bank account.

We are a diverse, yet close-knit ‘committee’ of individuals, couples and families that have naturism as one of their recreational interests. We welcome newcomers, so long as they respect the nature sanctuary and abide by our Courtesy and Conduct Guidelines. Please note that clothing is optional, so it is not mandatory to remove your clothes, although this is expected when weather permits.

Prior Lake is a safe place that is suitable for naturists of all ages. If you are not an experienced naturist, please be reassured that the philosophy of naturism includes being considerate and respectful of others. In fact, you will probably find that naturists are typically genuinely friendly and less judgmental of others than what you will often encounter at a textile beach. Our guidelines for acceptable behavior at the lake are generally similar to what you would find at virtually any other public recreation area. Our Courtesy and Conduct Guidelines are politely enforced as needed by regular lake users. If you happen to find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, it is wise to quickly and discreetly make it known to others.

Our use of the dock and immediate beach area at the lake for naturism is sanctioned by CRD Parks because we are a conservation-minded group, and because we ensure that everyone’s behavior is socially acceptable. We have developed a favorable longstanding rapport and collaborative approach with local police and park staff, which is necessary for our continued use and enjoyment of the lake. Our mandate is to maintain the status quo, and we have a mutual understanding with CRD Parks that we will not seek to expand the dock, beach or parking areas, or make any changes to the surrounding natural environment.

We consider it our responsibility to maintain a harmonious co-existence with the natural environment, which is in keeping with the naturist philosophy. A portable toilet and garbage can are amenities provided by CRD Parks for our use, so it is appreciated when you make use of them.

It is also important to keep in mind that this is a public park available to all, so we are not the only users of the dock. In early Spring and late Fall in particular, you may encounter people fishing from the dock, and park users with other recreational interests such as orienteering. Since the dock and beach are supported by public funds, please respect the interests and rights of others, as the lake and dock are meant to cater to park users with a range of interests. As well, please abide by the general rule that other areas of the nature sanctuary and park, including the trail from the parking lot, are not designated as clothing-optional.

Blue Heron at Prior Lake (photo by Ian Soutar)

Blue Heron. This photo was taken in August 2011 from the dock at Prior Lake by Ian Soutar (a regular Prior-Laker of 20 years) using an Olympus digital SLR with a 200 mm Nikon lens circa 1960.