Prior Lake 2016 (photo by Will)

PLNPC and Naturist Roles

PLNPC Background

We are much indebted to Harvard (now passed away), who virtually single-handedly achieved getting our dock replaced in 1994 after the previous one was removed. At that time, he created the Prior Lake Naturist Preservation Committee (PLNPC), in part to demonstrate to CRD Parks that we are a sizable and cohesive group of committed naturists. The group began by building up a fund through donations, and contributing those funds toward replacing the dock, then later to support continuation of our naturist use of Prior Lake. We no longer seek donations, but the existing fund continues to be overseen by William and Danny in a trust bank account.

Your PLNPC Representatives

When Harvard needed to focus on other commitments, he appointed Danny as his replacement and provided him with the background material on the replacement of the dock. William joined him more recently, and together they are equally responsible for liaising with CRD Parks management on maintenance of the Prior Lake dock and the immediately adjacent beach area. They also manage this website as a team, and together respond to emails sent to:

Your Role as Naturist Lake-Users

Please respect the liaison responsibility that Danny and William have taken on as volunteers, and always contact them via the PLNPC email address rather than CRD Parks directly if you have an idea, question or issue. Having a couple of regular representatives for park management to liaise with is the professional way of dealing with matters, rather than having a myriad of lake-goers contacting CRD Parks individually. Ongoing activity occurs year round that not all lake-goers will be aware of, and often it’s something that’s already been dealt with. So, contacting your representatives is the most effective and efficient method of communication for all parties.

Courtesy and Conduct Guidelines

While William and Danny take an interest in, and can play a liaison role between individual lake-goers as needed, please keep in mind that they do not consider themselves as self-appointed enforcers of the conduct and courtesy guidelines. Their philosophy is that it is everyone’s equal responsibility to abide by our Courtesy and Conduct Guidelines, and to politely encourage others to follow them as well. They believe that the T.E.A.M. approach works best – “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

No Changes, Please

Please keep in mind that Thetis Lake is a public park open to all … it is not your personal backyard. Naturists do not have any special rights to the small portion we use, nor do we have the authority to make any changes whatsoever. Any maintenance or changes must be approved by CRD Parks and are required to be carried out by CRD Parks unionized staff. For instance, it is against both regional and provincial legislation to import sand to the lake, as testing has shown it to be harmful to the lake ecosystem.

All aspects of what we currently have, including our important relationship with CRD Parks, are working very well. We have found an ideal balance with respectful human enjoyment of a natural environment within a nature sanctuary setting. Therefore, the PLNPC’s mandate for the foreseeable future is to continue with the status quo.

Frog at Prior Lake September 2016 (photo by Ian Soutar)

Frog at Prior Lake September 2016. This photo was taken by Ian Soutar.