What is Naturism/Nudism?

Ever wonder what naturism/nudism is, the difference between them, and how they apply to us at Prior Lake?

We have added a new section on these topics to our PLNPC website to provide a context for our hedonistic lifestyle.

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“Victoria’s Secrets” in Nude & Natural

Cover of Nude and Natural 22.1 (cover)

There are several places on Southern Vancouver Island where you can enjoy nature sans vêtements. In an article from 2002 in Nude & Natural magazine, Mark Storey includes Prior Lake as one of those beautiful places where naturists can go to enjoy a little “piece of lakeside heaven.”

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This article is copyright 2002 by Nude & Natural magazine and has been posted here with permission.

“Saved: Prior Lake’s Nude Dock” in Nude & Natural

Nude and Natural 14.4 (cover)

Back in 1994, a story about Prior Lake was published in Nude & Natural magazine (14.4) about the removal (and eventual replacement) of the dock. The article was written by Judy Williams, a board member of the Naturist Action Committee (Federation of Canadian Naturists), and the Wreck Beach Preservation Society.

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This article is copyright 1994 by Nude & Natural magazine and has been posted here with permission.

“Nude Awakenings” in Monday Magazine

Recently, the PLNPC was contacted by Tina Griffith of Monday Magazine who expressed interest in writing an article about Prior Lake. The story, entitled “Nude Awakenings: Naturists shed societal layers at Prior Lake” appeared in Monday Magazine’s Summer Guide (May 2012).

Photo by Tina Griffith (May 2012)

I stand at the edge of the long, narrow dock jutting into the pristine lake cocooned in a forest, and a feeling of awkwardness washes over me. Maybe it’s the years of social conditioning, or the unfamiliar feeling of being exposed in a public setting that has me on edge — after all, some of my worst dreams are those when I suddenly realize I am naked in a public place.

And now I am.

It’s a typical day at Prior Lake, the only location in Greater Victoria that is officially clothing-optional. The dock, and the tiny 10-foot-wide adjacent beach, is jam-packed with sunbathers. My discomfort isn’t due to the skin around me, though, but rather the impending removal of the last remnants of my own clothing: a bikini top and bottom. I hadn’t anticipated this.

The crowd seems perfectly at ease in varying shapes and sizes: from saggy, plump and aged, to thin and toned. My own friends, who are regulars of the lake, liberate themselves of their clothing within seconds of claiming their spot on the dock. What am I missing that seems so appealing to this oddly diverse mix of nude people? Continue reading “Nude Awakenings” in Monday Magazine