Dragonflies by the Dock. This photo was taken by Danny.

Why This Website Was Created

This website was developed in 2011 by two longstanding naturists and loyal lake enthusiasts, William and Danny. We are also your Prior Lake Naturist Preservation Committee (PLNPC) representatives who are responsible for liaising with Capital Regional District (CRD) Parks staff on maintenance of our beach and dock, managing funds collected from members, and dealing with issues that may arise. We decided that this website would be beneficial to:

  • provide a central place for lake users to obtain information on subjects
    of interest to lake users, such as current issues and social events;
  • provide a means to obtain feedback from lake users on their interests and concerns;
  • present the historical context of naturism at the lake and the PLNPC;
  • facilitate and maintain a strong sense of community among lake users;
  • generate awareness of and acceptance with our group’s philosophy and conduct guidelines;
  • develop a comprehensive, confidential, up-to-date list of lake user e-mail addresses, in case we need to collaborate to support the continuation of naturism at the lake;
  • ensure the long-term ongoing preservation of naturism at Prior Lake by facilitating effective communication and mutual understanding among lake users and with CRD Parks;
  • provide a convenient place to accept confidential donations to assist in the maintenance and upgrading of our facilities, and to support our cause if required; and
  • provide a way for new residents and visitors to discover, and therefore be able to participate in naturism at Prior Lake.
ABOUT THE IMAGE AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE: Dragonflies by the Dock. This photo was taken by Danny.