Pack-in, Pack-out, Please

Visitors to Prior Lake this season will have noticed we do not have a garbage can down by the dock this year. We have been in contact with park management, and this is what they have said in reply:

CRD Parks policy is to centrally locate facilities such as garbage cans at high-use access points (e.g. parking lots), rather than at more distant recreational destinations (e.g. lakes, docks, etc.).

This policy provides ease of access for servicing by park staff, and also ensures that the facilities are readily accessed by the greatest range and number of park users.

A “pack-in, pack-out” policy is encouraged at Prior Lake, as it is in an environmentally sensitive area. This applies to everything, including biodegradable food products, as they introduce foreign materials into the local ecosystem. Your cooperation in ensuring that nothing is dropped into the lake or between the dock planks is greatly appreciated.

CRD Parks believes that the newer style garbage and recycling facilities that were recently installed at the top of the path are a better long-term option for Prior Lake, and do not intend to replace the garbage can down by the dock.

We observe that the present situation is working well, with no sign of litter scattered about, as one would anticipate from responsible naturists. You are to be commended for respecting the natural environment, and adapting to CRD Parks’ policy changes as they arise.